Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church

Church Administrative Assistant Duties


Coordinate day-to-day, on-site activities; facilitate congregational communications; provide administrative support that facilitates ease of participation in the life of Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church (GLC) for members, friends, and newcomers; and report to the Pastor and Council President. At all times, deal with GLC members and the public in a respectful, courteous, friendly manner and project a positive attitude in all verbal and written communication.


1.       Respond to telephone, mail, email, and in-person inquiries in a friendly manner; communicate GLC and church-wide information to the public as appropriate; and pass along messages and correspondence intended for Church Council members, Ministry Team chairpersons, and others as appropriate.

2.       Provide secretarial and administrative support to the Pastor and the Church Council, also to Ministry Teams and Committees when authorized by the Council; for example, lining up assistants and servers for worship services, overseeing Coffee Teams and Hospitality events, distributing and posting monthly calendar, preparing and sending various worship-related mail outs, coordinating congregational magazine subscriptions and distribution. 

3.       Order and receive all church supplies. Ensure that office equipment is maintained in working order.

4.       Maintain electronic and paper file management systems and organize them for access by those authorized to see them. Maintain an up-to-date list of names, residential and email addresses, and telephone numbers of GLC members, adherents, and relevant community contacts for the church directory, MailChimp and address labels.

5.       Produce worship service folders under the direction of the Pastor; prepare and distribute the Lamplighter newsletter; post notices, giving priority to (1) events and information pertaining to Grace Lutheran Church (GLC), (2) activities of the BC Synod and ELCIC, (3) groups using GLC facilities, and (4) churches and service organizations in the community.

6.       Produce Church Administrative Assistant report for inclusion with the other reports for the Annual General Meeting. Assemble package of all reports and distribute to members two weeks prior to the scheduled AGM. Produce other materials for congregational meetings as required.

7.       Manage GLC social media accounts and website according to the GLC Social Media and Website Policy and Procedures. Regularly post updates to website and social media. 


1.       Schedule the use of the facility on a web-based calendar, including bookings for congregational events and meetings. Anticipate booking and capacity conflicts; reassign bookings as required.  Print current facilities calendar each month and post on bulletin boards (for church members, renters, and property/facilities management).

2.       Prepare rental contracts between GLC and organizations, groups, or individuals using GLC facilities for Council approval, ensuring (a) that these contracts are signed by the parties involved and safely stored, (b) that renters have keys and security codes, and (c) that rental contracts are maintained and up-to-date. Advise Church Council regarding special needs or consideration in advance.

3.       Issue monthly invoices to renters, collect rent, and issue receipts as necessary.

4.       Monitor the activity of groups to ensure that they are using GLC facilities in a responsible manner. Liaise and problem-solve with current renters to maintain positive relationships.

5.       Encourage potential rentals with prompt responses to rental inquiries.

6.       Report to the Church Council regarding any serious problem(s) with any renter, to get its advice and help regarding a resolution.

7.       Maintain building key and security code records. Keep security alarm provider apprised of changes to key/alarm holders and contact information in case of security/fire alerts.

8.       Coordinate set-up/clean-up with Janitor for regular church use and special events.

9.       Report issues of concern regarding property maintenance, building repair, janitorial work, or building security to Property & Maintenance Team Chair.

10.   In consultation with Property & Maintenance Team Chair, coordinate regular maintenance and repairs to building and grounds.

11.   Coordinate with external facility service providers, ensuring that the facility is safe and functional.

C.  Finances

1.       Prepare and make financial deposits.

2.       Verify offering-count report; photocopy cheques and report for the Financial Secretary and Bookkeeper.

3.       Assist the Treasurer with providing the records and other information required for financial reporting purposes.

4.       Provide input and recommendations for administrative budget.

D.  Other

1.       Submit monthly a brief written report to the Church Council on the highlights and challenges of the previous month’s work; between reports, seek the advice of the Council Chair if difficult or outstanding issues arise.

2.       Arrange for a substitute to work in the Church Office during any absence.

3.       Other related duties as assigned.