The Sanctuary

Description: A large room with an arched ceiling. Very good acoustics and equipped with audio-visual equipment (projector, microphones, speakers, computer for running projector), piano, and organ.

Capacity: 200

Updated Capacity: 100

Cost: $40/hour

The Narthex

Description: A casual gathering space outside of the Sanctuary. Can be booked independently or in conjunction with the Sanctuary to provide a gathering area after an event.

Capacity: 35

Updated Capacity: 35

Cost: $25/hour

The Sanctuary and Narthex may be booked together for $60 an hour.

The Hall

Description: A large room with flexible seating and table arrangements. Room is equipped with a piano. Adjoining kitchen is equipped with a commercial dishwasher. The use of the kitchen is optional but must be reserved in advance.

Please note the kitchen is unavailable during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Capacity: 100

Updated Capacity: 50

Cost: $30-45/hour (without/with kitchen)

Meeting Rooms

Description: Board room and casual meeting spaces with various capacities.

Capacity: 8 - 15

Updated capacity: 8 - 15

Cost: $25/hour